4 Things That Make a Café Great

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Restaurants

Meeting up with pals over coffee sounds like a terrific idea. Before you play catch-up, though, you need to pick the perfect spot. Here’s what you should know to help you decide which of the cafes in Weymouth MA will make for an excellent meeting place for you and your besties.

Good coffee

If you all can’t live without your daily dose of coffee, then finding one that serves up excellent cups of coffee is a must. If that’s a non-negotiable condition for you and your friends, then make sure you pick one that’s got a wonderful reputation for serving up great-tasting coffee.

Variety of seating

When you start picking your way through cafes in Weymouth MA, you may find yourself attracted to coffee shops that offer a variety of seating, from couches to tables and chairs and more, Food52 says. Be sure to check if their seats are comfortable, though. If the chairs make you feel like you’re sitting on a rock or drowning in the too-soft upholstery, that’s going to be bad for your back. Move elsewhere.

Actual food

A lot of coffee shops only serve finger foods and that’s a shame. When it’s your turn, pick shops that serve actual food. If you’re going to be settling into that couch for more than an hour or two, you’ll want to have enough sustenance to get you through the fun conversations you’re going to have with your friends. Actual food that uses the freshest ingredients can do a lot to improve that experience and make for a happier conversation.


There’s no denying that ambiance is also a factor when you pick a coffee shop. It needs to be warm and welcoming. If you have kids with you, then pick a kid-friendly one before you and your besties sit down for that long catch-up session.