Finding Hotels near Downtown Chicago

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There is a wide range of lodging accommodations and hotels near downtown Chicago. Where you choose to stay will largely depend on the purpose of your trip, your desired proximity to the park, how long you will be visiting, and your budget.

Purpose of Your Trip
People visit downtown Chicago for many reasons. Some visit by themselves as a time for self-reflection, others visit with their families, while some even come for business purposes. The purpose of your visit will dictate what type of hotel and lodging you need.

Hotels and lodging range from providing full accommodations including Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, and stunning lakeside views to offering more basic amenities with more convenient access to nature. Lodging can have a more log cabin feel or a resort spa-like feel.

Proximity to the Park
Some lodging and hotels near downtown Chicago are closer to the park than others are. If you plan on spending time outdoors for the majority of your trip, it’s likely that you will want to lodge closer to the park. Additionally, you may want to lodge closer to access points that are within walking distance and do not require driving.

On the contrary, those who do not want to be outdoors most of the time may prefer to room closer to town. The purpose of your trip will ultimately influence your desired proximity to the park.

Length of Stay
Some visitors stay for one week while others stay for months. The length of your stay will impact your lodging. While most hotels and lodging can accommodate you regardless of the length of your stay, packages may be customized based on how long you’re staying. One other thing to consider is whether you want maid service and other amenities. If you’re staying for a longer time period, you may prefer to avoid paying for such services on a daily basis.

Budget and Rates
Lodging and hotels near downtown Chicago offer great deals and specials at affordable rates. There is something for every budget. Hotels with more amenities and services may be more expensive but will give you time freedom and peace of mind. The location of the lodging or hotel will also influence the price. Hotels and lodging with panoramic views and inconvenient locations will likely be more expensive as well.

There are plenty of ways to create a cost-effective trip to downtown Chicago. Booking your room during certain times of year may reduce prices. Additionally, getting packages may also be helpful if you will be doing other activities. Planning ahead will ensure a fun and memorable trip. Visit London House Chicago for more information or call 312-357-1200.