Live Like a Savage With Healthy, Delicious Meals of New York

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Learning to make healthier choices can be a difficult transition. It’s hard to know what you should eat or how much activity you should include in your daily life. So, why not get help from someone who has already been there and has been successful. Caleb Hoag, since he was a young boy, always had a passion for food and for cooking. This led to a weight problem for him. He was overweight from childhood and into his 20’s until he learned to take the steps to become healthier. He changed his life by changing his eating and physical activity. Then Caleb discovered how to incorporate his newfound knowledge into his passion for cooking. He wanted to pass his knowledge and skills onto others to benefit society as a whole.

From that, Savage Chef was born. This fresh, new meal prep in Greece service has blasted out of the bland world of healthy eating and took over the world of spice and flavors. The 1st meal, the Savage Mac and cheese, was so impressive, it inspired an even bigger meal prep of Greece set of options. The breakfast options include meals like the breakfast bowl, which consists of scrambled eggs, seasoned shredded potatoes, and ground beef topped with cheddar cheese. You can supplement the ground beef with seitan or ground turkey with Monterey Jack cheese. But that’s not all that there is. The Dinner menu has meals like the Bro Bowl which is the exciting version of broccoli and chicken. The list of meals goes on and on.

Caleb grew his business from nothing into something in just two years. To learn more about what meals fit your pallet, visit .

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