Offering Beverages And Food In Mesa To Make Customers Come Back For More

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When you own a restaurant, you need to try to do things that can make your customers happy. An event that you can offer is Happy Hour. This is a span of about an hour to two hours where drinks and menu items are offered at a reduced price. Here are some tips for hosting the best Happy Hour in Mesa AZ so that customers want to come back in the future.

The Right Time

Make sure you choose a time that is convenient for your employees and your customers. You don’t want to host an event that is too early in the day because most people will likely be at work and won’t be able to visit. However, if you host the event later in the evening, you risk losing money on dinner menu items since there are reduced items available. Consider offering a different Happy Hour on the weekend than you do during the week with a larger variety of items.


In order to have the best Happy Hour in Mesa AZ, you need to craft a detailed list of the beverages that you plan to offer. You could have a mixture of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages or only offer alcoholic beverages as long as you monitor how many drinks people are served so that they don’t get too many. Consider offering smaller sizes so that you don’t lose a lot of money on the beverages that you serve while still being able to give customers something a bit different that makes them want to visit your restaurant more often.


Although you want to offer food during Happy Hour, you should try to only serve appetizers. You don’t want customers to get large portions of food because you’ll lose money since you’re offering the items at a discount. Offer samplers so that customers can see what menu items taste like along with coupons for them to get larger orders in the future.

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