What Is a Hula Auana in Hawaii?

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Many people enjoy visiting Hawaii for a number of different reasons. One of the most popular reasons for visiting Hawaii is the luaus that take place. From the number of Pacific dancers to the local foods prepared, luaus are festivals that a lot of people enjoy greatly. Part of what makes luaus amazing are the number of dancers. From Tahitian dancers to dancers who specialize in the Samoan Fire-knife dance, there will surely be dancers that you will enjoy seeing. One of the most common dances that people associate with Hawaii is the hula. There are many different things that make the hula unique, such as the hula auana.

What Makes the Hula Auana Special?

At first, hula dances were performed by trained dancers to honor gods or praise chiefs but once missionaries from the United States told the women to replace the skirts with longer dresses, the spark was momentarily lost. However, this change gave birth to a new type of hula: hula auana. This version of the hula takes influence from hymns and the machada, or the predecessor of the ukulele, into practice. This more contemporary form of hula now tells a story through the use of mesmerizing dances and more modern instruments compared to the older method that used traditional instruments. Chances are that if you go to a luau, you will be able to see the hula auana in Hawaii.

Where Can You See a Hula Auana?

Generally, the most common place to see this dance performed is at a luau with a number of other Pacific dancers. Whether you are going to a luau to celebrate an event with friends and family or you are going to a luau to learn more about the cultural traditions and heritage of the Pacific islands, including Hawaii, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a good time. When you are able to watch the hula auana in person, you will be able to learn about the stories that are told through this iconic Hawaiian dance. If you want to know about this dance and its history, click here to learn more.

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