A Luxury Hotel in Ambergris Caye Provides an Ideal Place for a Workation

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Spouses of busy entrepreneurs may feel frustrated that the two of them never get to go on vacation. When two entrepreneurs are married to each other, the situation is even more extreme. One solution might be to schedule a workstation, a term that describes a combination of work and relaxation. A week’s stay at one of the hotels in Ambergris Caye could be the ideal experience for this goal.

An Enticing Option

Although some individuals are uneasy with the idea of not taking a true break from work, entrepreneurs in the early years of their business typically cannot do this. Being able to stay at a tropical beachside resort with free wireless Internet is enticing. If both spouses run businesses or operate one together, they could commit to setting aside the first part of the day for work. The rest is set aside for a free time.

Plenty of Room

This power couple might choose one of the luxury hotels in Ambergris Caye with two-bedroom or even three-bedroom suites. This gives them plenty of room for office space that they can close off when the workday is finished. That’s both a symbolic and literal barrier between the business and the relaxation parts of the workstation.

An Early-Morning Start

A hotel that provides free breakfast and coffee every day allows the couple to get an early start without leaving the resort. They might want lodging that offers breakfast as early as 6:30 or 7 a.m. so they can eat together and be on the computer 30 minutes later.

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