Ways You Can Choose Just the Right Seafood for Your Meal in Charleston

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Restaurants

Sometimes, you might want a delicious seafood dish without going to a restaurant. Fortunately, you can usually find seafood vendors that offer fresh fish and other items. However, you need to know how to choose the best items to prepare for your meal.


When you get fresh seafood in Charleston, SC, you shouldn’t notice an overwhelming odor. The seafood that you buy should have a smell that reminds you of the ocean. It should be fresh with a hint of the sea air that you might enjoy if you were walking on a beach.


Pay attention to the eyes when buying fresh seafood in Charleston, SC. They should be clear and bright, almost shiny. They should not have a cloudy appearance as this could indicate that the seafood has been raised in a farm environment instead of being caught from the sea, making the seafood chewy and giving a lack of flavor.


When you touch fresh seafood, it shouldn’t be slimy as you might expect. Instead, the exterior of the fish should bounce back. There should be no dents left in the fish from your fingers as this could indicate that the fish has been sitting out of the water for quite some time. When looking at the gills, they should be bright red or pink and not brown. You should also avoid getting seafood with scales that are peeling or that are torn off as this could indicate that the fish has been in an environment with a lot of equipment.

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